The Crazy Thing My Wife Did That Changed My Career Forever

People who know my wife know that she’s not crazy. She’s not stupid. She doesn’t make wild, uninformed decisions. She’s incredibly intelligent and wise beyond her years (to say nothing of how amazing she looks). She researches things for hours (or days) before she makes a decision.

But there was one time she did something completely crazy – something so far off the grid that I didn’t believe it was really her doing it.

And it changed the trajectory of my career forever.

A Little Background

A few years ago, I was the media developer at a fast-growing church. I was making better money than most people in my position, but I wasn’t going to get rich doing what I was doing. In fact, we were going backwards financially. In 13 years of marriage, we had never made much money. There had always been medical bills, credit cards, and car payments. To make it worse, we had just gotten under a mortgage and a van payment we were struggling to afford. I was working 60 to 80 hours a week to stay just a little behind the 8 ball.

But I was in the ministry and I knew that this was my career path from now on.

That’s when it happened.

My wife spent a weekend with her dad while her mom was out of state. (Nothing shocking there)

They watched TV most of the weekend. (Totally normal for them)

My wife watched one particular reality TV show that made her cry a lot. (Par for the course)

She got online and did some research on the lady that was featured in that episode. (That’s something you can count on from her)

She came home and made me watch the episode online. (I could have told you that was coming)

But that’s when it gets weird. I mean really weird.

A few days later, I get a call at work:

  • Her: “I’m going to a business conference.” (Odd)
  • Me: “Really? Where?”
  • Her: “Pittsburgh.” (We live in Florida. Traveling out of state alone? What?!)
  • Me: “When?”
  • Her: “Tomorrow.” (Spontaneously traveling out of state? Never.)
  • Me: “How are you going to get there?”
  • Her: “I found a great deal on a ticket for $120 online.” (She usually says what we DON’T have money for.)
  • Me: “Where are you going to stay?”
  • Her: “I found a group of ladies on Facebook that are sharing a room. They have room for me.” (Sharing a hotel room with strangers? She would never do that. Never. Never. Never!!)
  • Me: “OK. Put my wife on. She doesn’t do this kind of thing.”

The Crazy Thing

But sure enough, the next day I put her on a plane to Pittsburgh to attend a business seminar full of absolute strangers. She had seen something on that website that convinced her that she would find answers we needed as a family.

That was the crazy thing. But how did it change my career forever?

Three days later, she was home. She had an entire notebook filled with notes. She had dozens of brand new friends – a whole community of positive people that encouraged her for weeks on Facebook (she now has hundreds of positive, encouraging friends in that community). She had a whole new outlook on life. She also had a recording of the weekend and tickets to the next event.


This was unthinkable.

The one who knew better than anyone how much money we didn’t have was doing crazy things and planning to do more. What??!!

A Different Kind of Event

But this wasn’t just any joe-shmoe business seminar. It wasn’t a weekend of hype. It was a weekend of strategic thinking and tactical skills that we applied IMMEDIATELY and saw RESULTS!

I don’t know about you, but I’m so tired of motivational speakers who hype you up. This was a business, finance and relationship seminar that gets down to the heart of why people succeed and why people fail. Dani Johnson went from being a homeless woman to making her first million at age 23. She made millions and spent them until she learned the principles that make money work for you. Now, she runs five companies, has three best-selling books, a daily radio show, and clients around the world.

The fruit was evident. My wife was more respectful to me, supportive and encouraging in a way she hadn’t been before. She was upbeat and positive in a whole new way. Our house was peaceful and joyful.

And two weeks later, when I suddenly lost my job, we didn’t freak out about it. Instead of saying, “Oh my God! What are we going to do NOW??!” She said, “OK. Let’s dream. Let’s design the life we’ve always wanted. What should we do now?” That’s a whole different way of approaching a potentially negative situation. We had lost 75% of our income, but she had seen a vision of a better life, and she knew we were going to be OK.

But How Did It Change My Career?

Based on the things we heard from that workshop, we knew that we had command of our future, and we could shape it with our choices. I had some skills that I could market, and I was learning how to do it. I sat down and wrote up a business plan. I also identified some obstacles to success that I had erected in my own mind. It turns out, success is a mindset, but so is failure, and it starts when we’re young. This workshop she had attended gave us some clues to identify them.

I found that there were certain types of people I had a hard time working with. Some intimidated me; others annoyed me. I had to learn to get past all that and develop some people skills. ? I thought I had pretty good people skills, but I found out how wrong I was: my life was a train wreck until I got teachable and learned the things I needed to change in myself so my family would have a chance to succeed.

I learned that the way you think about money affects whether or not you have any. I had some thought patterns I had to change.

And because my wife had a vision of a better life, she was able to get behind me and support the business I was building. It wasn’t always easy, and some months we made nothing. But when your wife is behind you, you can do anything.

Now, a couple of years have passed. I work for myself, making more money in fewer hours. I set my own schedule so I can be a dad. I’ve learned to manage my time, balance my life, and have a purpose for money besides just getting stuff. My family relationships are peaceful. We travel more. My kids are honorable and respectful. I am designing a life by my values, not punching a clock in exchange for money.

We have attended this seminar – First Steps to Success – over a dozen times in cities all across the country. Wherever it was, we found a way to get there, because we learned that when you spend money to increase your people skills, it’s not spending, it’s investing, and it pays off many times over.

Oh, and…

We also bring our kids to these events. Can you imagine how different my life would have been if I had learned these skills when I was a kid? Where would I have been by now if I had known these things?

We began volunteering at events whenever we could. Eventually, I became a part of the team and help put on the events. I’ve gotten to know Dani Johnson herself and found out that she’s the real deal: she practices every one of the skills she teaches, and she has the kind of people skills you would NEVER expect from someone at that level of success.

I Urge You…

In May, this workshop is coming to Orlando.

Not Seattle, not LA, not New York. Orlando.

Orlando is a short drive from here. If you own business, or if you work for someone else, I can’t stress this to you enough: you need to attend this workshop. I personally guarantee that, if you will come ready to learn, you will walk away with wisdom that will change your career, too. You will probably learn something that will improve your marriage and other relationships, as well. After all, business is about relationships, and the things that make you successful with people in business will make you successful in every other relationship, if you do them right.

And what if I’m wrong, and it’s a complete waste of time for you? Have you ever wasted a weekend before? At the very least, you’re going to benefit from spending a weekend around positive people who have a vision for a better life. If you get nothing else, that’s worth it.

But you will get so much more.

I spent an entire article on my own website to tell you about this because I know first-hand how this can change your life. I want to see you experience the same kind of success that I (and tens of thousands of other people) have experienced. You can’t count all the testimonies they have from people who have turned their lives around. Some of them are now making millions. It’s not unusual. Check out this guy’s story.


Now would be an obvious time to say, “I’ll think about it as the date gets closer.”

That would be pretty stupid.

There are thousands of people around the world who want something better for their lives. This event almost always sells out quickly, especially when it comes to Orlando. I’d like to bring the entire city of Naples myself, if I could. Can you imagine how our lives would improve if everyone in town was encouraging each other to live lives of purpose and vision? But I also recognize that not everybody wants to improve their lives – it’s just the reality of the situation. God bless them. I want something better for my life…and I’ve found it. How about you?

Do you want some RESULTS in your life? Take a walk on the wild side. Do something CRAZY!

Join me in Orlando May 2nd and 3rd for First Steps to Success. Register now before it sells out. I will be there with my family.

P.S. When you click the link, you will get an offer for her free book. Get it and read it. You’ll be surprised at how it surprises you.

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