Is a picture really worth a thousand words?

Yes. And that’s a good thing . . .  AND a terrible thing. 

You and I (and everyone you are trying to reach) think in pictures, even when we are reading words. The pictures we see in our minds are shaped by our life experiences, our emotions, our education, our culture and so many more variables. That’s why the key to effective graphic design is the same key that makes your sales copy effective – you have to understand your audience.

While the right image can drive your message home, the wrong image is just as likely to slam the door shut. Think of the ads that run in BowHunter Magazine, and then consider the ads in TeenBeat magazine. You wouldn’t dare mix up those images. The key is knowing what your audience wants and how they think about it.

It’s Not What You Might Think…

Most people think Graphic Design means flashy, space-age photo manipulation. There’s a place for that, but when you have a message to communicate, the best kind of design is the kind that takes a back seat and supports the message. Sometimes, the best design is simple, clean white space. Sometimes, it’s a subtle color or texture. Sometimes, it’s just a well-thought-out, easy-to-read layout.

Have you ever tried to fill out a form in the doctor’s office and the space to write your first name is the same space they give you to write your home address? Seriously? Come on!

A well-designed document leads the eye through the message and enhances the story with well-chosen and well-placed images.

(Of course, the best layout may be an exploding color storm with random words and fonts, but you have to know the audience.)


Here are a few things my clients and I have done recently.

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