Business Starts With Words

“No matter what anybody tells you, words and ideas can change the world.” — John Keating (Robin Williams), Dead Poets Society

Have you ever tried to make a sale without speaking to the prospect?

Have you ever tried to conduct a debate in silence?

Have you ever tried to convince someone of something without exchanging words with them?

Everything you want to accomplish in your life involves other people:

  • Grow a business.
  • Write a book.
  • Get a promotion.
  • Start a social movement.
  • Produce a tutorial video series.
  • Run for office.

Your success in any of these ventures is measured by who comes along with you on your journey, so you need to be able to communicate your vision to other people effectively.

Human interactions are facilitated by words. Whether you are negotiating a multi-million dollar contract, motivating a group to take action, or trying to get a girl’s phone number, words are the currency of influence.

You can have the perfect solution to world hunger between your ears, but if you can’t transmit your knowledge clearly, that information will go to the grave with you, and nobody will be helped.

You Have Something Powerful

You have something inside you that the world needs, otherwise you wouldn’t be here. Do you have a movie in your mind? Do you have a solution to a problem in the world? Do you expertise in some area? Why aren’t you sharing it?

If you have allowed yourself to be buried by the idea that “other people” write books, or “other people” are influential, or “other people” know more about your subject than you, then you are withholding something the world needs. If you don’t share it before you “clock out” of life, the world will miss out on it.

You Are The Only You

Even if I could have made an exact clone of you at your birth, that clone would be living a completely different life from you today. They would have had an entirely different existence from you, driven by their own unique perspectives, feelings, conversations, and experiences. Your clone could not communicate your ideas because they wouldn’t have your ideas. Imagine how much harder it would be for anyone else to present your unique view of the world.

Now, does that mean you suddenly have to become a writer?

Of course not.

Not everyone is a writer. Not everyone is an accountant. Not everyone designs cars, houses, or clothes. Every skillset requires specific expertise; you have yours and I have mine. We need each other if we want to enjoy a complete life.

So…let’s talk about your gift to the world.

As it turns out, I’m already a writer, so I can save you the time and stress you would otherwise have to endure. I can help you:

  • Write your book or e-book
  • Build your sales presentation
  • Develop your tutorial video series
  • Craft a set of radio/TV/social commercials
  • Write a training curriculum around your expertise
  • Update your website and marketing funnels
  • Plan your documentary
  • Cultivate your blog or a newsletter

Contact us today and let’s get your gift out to the waiting world.

It’s time.

What Could We Do Together?

Just consider a few times that I partnered with people just like you:

  • Mary Rose Cureton invented a new kind of bandage for critical care. We turned her 80-page patent brief into a 4-minute explainer video that helped her get a manufacturing partner and worldwide distribution channels.
  • Dwaine Parker had an idea that could change the trucking industry forever, but he needed investors. We hammered out a video that got to the heart of the problem and made the solution a no-brainer.
  • Wilson Wells was a TV repairman desperate to find new clients. We wrote a short, humorous Craigslist ad that attracted 15 new clients the first day it ran and got him a contract with a major appliance company.
  • Mike Almeyda was a certified leadership coach who wanted to grow his client base. We developed a white paper that became a powerful lead generator and a popular part of his webinar series.
  • When biotech giant Amgen launched their market-changing drugs, we wrote sales training exercises that helped the new sales representatives understand their customers’ medical practices in a new way. Instead of selling a drug, they learned how the practices made money, what kept them up at night, and how their drug would solve business problems. They became a business partner instead of a drug huckster.

I’ve also written web pages, blogs, videos, and sales copy for,, Abundance LLC, Unfurgettable Mobile Pet Grooming,, Fundamental Health Solutions, AngelEyes UAV, VAST Solutions,, FlexDSI, Aroma Dead Sea Minerals, and GenerationBridge Media, and dozens of others.

Why couldn’t your story be next?

The process is pretty easy, really:

  • We’ll start with an interview that gets down the heart of your message.
  • We’ll collaborate along the way to make sure it represents you the way you want.
  • We’ll build a strategy that covers every way you communicate with people.
  • Then, we’ll deliver a finished piece that you can proudly share with the world.
  • I’ll cheer you on as you go.

Ultimately, I want to earn the right to be the guy you come back to, time and again, when you are ready to add a new chapter to your story.

The Bottom Line

So, how much does this kind of thing cost?

This is where people start seeing big numbers in their minds. Ad agencies. Don Draper. Bankruptcy. Crazy stuff.

They are usually relieved to find that they can retain the skills of an experienced professional writer for less than they would spend on a part-time high-school-aged intern. And they don’t have to cover the cost of Social Security or insurance…or another desk…or a computer…

The ones who get the best deal are the ones who join me in a monthly retainer. That way, you have a predictable, low marketing budget month after month, and I commit a set number of hours to focus on just you.

I’ve made a career of helping people get where they want to go. It’s not because I have some amazing, breakthrough skills. I don’t hold some long-hidden secret to marketing success that no one else knows. There are plenty of writers and designers more talented than I am. A few of them are true professionals who know how to work with people. God bless them.

But, you and I are here together right now, and I can help you…if you will let me.

So, the choice is yours, but time is short. I can’t work with everyone. Then I would be the one dropping dead of exhaustion.

Please, take a few seconds right now to share your contact information with me below and I will get in touch with you. We can talk for a few minutes, and see if you and I can work together. Then, we’ll just see where this takes us.

I’m excited to see what we do next.

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